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My Apartment in China: Always safe, . . . .until now!

We’re going on 2 1/2 years now that I’ve been stuck in America. China’s strict “Zero Covid” stance is actually starting to lift, as of June! Large cities throughout China, and even those in my province of Sichuan, are now … Continue reading

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My College in China has a request for the upcoming graduation performance celebrations

I received a message 2 weeks ago regarding the end-of-year celebrations at my college in Luzhou. We always had a performance event in the auditorium for graduating seniors. Seniors and others would show off their talents as a final farewell. … Continue reading

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A Desperate Plea for Help to Save a Sister

Every morning, and throughout the day, I check my WeChat messages from China. There are messages from former students, comments from colleagues about my “Moment” posts (mini-blogs), friends, foreign teachers giving me in-country updates, my church choir’s announcements and the … Continue reading

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