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A Saturday Heatwave

              Saturday’s blue skies, sticky heat and wickedly hot sun brought everyone out of their homes.             In America, summer has us  imprisoned in the cool comforts of our air-conditioned houses.  But in Sichuan, air-conditioners still remain off.  We haven’t … Continue reading

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A Visit To Our Muslim Friends from Xinjiang Province

              This morning, I ate my last sesame seed bread roll for breakfast.  It was definitely time for another run to the best bread place in town.  This would have to be the nearest restaurant of our Muslim friends from … Continue reading

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Stories from Jason: The Olympic Torch and An Older Sister’s Worry

  The Olympic Torch Arrives Near Jason’s University             Jason’s email was full of excitement concerning the biggest event ever to hit his university town, Xining in Qing Hai Province: “Ouyun Huide Sheng Huo laile!  The Olympic Sacred Fire (Torch) … Continue reading

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“How’s Your Chong Wu ?”

              “Pet” is not a word in Chinese a language learner would know unless he or she had one.              When I first acquired Little Flower as my pet, I had to look up the word so I could … Continue reading

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A Rainy Graduation Sunday

                The all-night rain and constant drizzle for most of the day gave Sichuan University a wet day for sending off their graduates.             The graduation ceremonies had to be moved from outside to in after the first … Continue reading

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Preparations for Sunday’s Graduation

                The Sichuan University campus has been buzzing with activity all week.             Everywhere LF and I turned on our walks around the campus, we met with clusters of students pulling out from carrying bags their graduation cap-and-gown … Continue reading

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Publication of Essay: Minutes of Mourning

                 Those interested might want to check out my essay, printed today in the Home Forum of the Christian Science Monitor, a well-known international newspaper.                 If you are looking for accompanying pictures, please go to my album list where … Continue reading

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Pregnancy in China: The Wait of 40 Days and 40 Nights

               Li Xuan Qi ( whose English name is Mary) was looking longingly at the huge fruit basket I  brought over to her home.  This sinful temptation sat on the table, its contents comprised of crisp Asian pears, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Walking Route, Jinxiu Xiang (Spendid Lane)

               After several days of wickedly hot weather, with everyone sizzling under a blazing sun, a bit of rain last night has relieved us of the heat from Chengdu’s previous afternoons.  Finally, Little Flower and I are able to … Continue reading

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Singing in a Chinese Choir

                          For many years, my mother was choir director of our smalltown United Methodist Church.  I, being her daughter, was one of her most faithful choir members.  From childhood to adulthood, I joined the many voices under the direction … Continue reading

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