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The English Language Resource Center: A Campus Project Finally Underway

Those of you on my newsletter list will most likely remember my Page 4 call-for-help on several items.  One of those was a photo of a sparsely-furnished room, with the caption “Help fill our new English Language Resource Center.  Email … Continue reading

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Heading back to China!

My Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) vacation in the States is nearing to an end. I will be flying out tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 7) from Indianapolis to Detroit to Beijing to Chengdu.  In Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, I … Continue reading

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Luzhou Vocational and Technical College Celebrates 115 years

As mentioned before, my busy semester had me scrambling away with hardly enough time to get to bed before 11 p.m.  Very little space in my day was available for website updating so let me remedy that a bit with … Continue reading

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In a country where immigrants are at risk, our Chinese immigrant (小老老, Little Old-old) Thrives

In America’s current climate where immigrants are at risk, my family’s diminuative Chinese immigrant might very well come out on top. Every year, my local hometown paper in Marshall, Ilinois, has a seasonal contest (usually in the winter) in which residents vote for a winner … Continue reading

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