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Part 2: A Foreigner’s Glimpse at Troubled Southern China

 In yet another eye-opener, my Chinese organization (The Amity Foundation, 爱德基金会) had its foreign language teachers’ winter conference in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi .  All the foreign teachers in our program, about 17 at that time, and their … Continue reading

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Part 1: A Foreigner’s Glimpse at Troubled Southern China

After reading of the major drug raid that took place in southern China (see previous post), I couldn’t help but recall my own dealings with this secretive criminal world when I lived in Longzhou, a small town located not more than … Continue reading

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A Drug Bust in Southern China Recently Reported Across the Country

 I’m including this newspaper article to later follow up with my own experiences concerning drug-related issues in the south.  I also include it because I am currently watching Breaking Bad (a US TV series) and have seen the very disturbing Brazilian movie, City of God, both … Continue reading

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“It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!”: A Christmas Tradition Continues Along the Yangtze

My greatest purpose in returning to Luzhou for Christmas and New Year’s was to reconnect with teachers, college administrators, friends from around the city and my church community. But a tad more on the selfish side, I wanted to pick … Continue reading

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The Yearly Blog Summary Report is In!

Happy New Year, 2014! To start us all off, I’d like to share Word Press’ posted report of my website activities throughout the year. Thank you so much for following me in 2013. I look forward to your readership in … Continue reading

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