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I have been in the Asia region for 30 years as an English language teacher. 28 of those have been spent with the Amity Foundation, a Chinese NGO that works in all areas of development for the Chinese people. Amity teachers are placed at small colleges throughout China as instructors of English language majors in the education field. In other words, my students will one day be English teachers themselves in their small villages or towns once they graduate. Currently, this is my 13th year in Luzhou Vocational and Technical College. The college is located in Luzhou city (loo-joe), Sichuan Province, a metropolis of 5 million people located next to the Yangtze River .

Shanghai Struggles: A BBC Interview with Two Delivery Riders

There was hope for Shanghai yesterday. It was the first time that the city had reached Zero-Covid status for residents outside of quarantine centers. But today, after another daily round of Covid testing, brought 58 positive cases to the forefront … Continue reading

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The Current Covid Situation in Shanghai, China: Sixth Tone updates

I’ve been spending a lot of time searching the latest news of Shanghai as the city struggles to control its virus cases. When positive cases exploded 4 weeks ago, a majority of Shanghainese felt the Zero-Covid police would not be … Continue reading

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Easter Celebrations in My Hometown: Collecting Photos for my Chinese Students

The last full-blown Easter traditions and reports I remember came via email from my mom, 3 years ago while I was in China. She described a meaningful cross-walk with parishioner members on Good Friday, a church Easter egg hunt for … Continue reading

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Being Grateful

I attended a 2-day Creation Justice virtual meeting session with those from all over the States. This was shared during one of our closure sessions. I share it with you here, now, to give you a little lift for your … Continue reading

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Spring Brings out an Act of Thievery

It was all my mom’s doing. She put the idea in my head. As warmer weather approaches, my mom has been surveying her new garden, established last year at this new little house of hers, to see what has survived … Continue reading

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A Three-fold Remembrance Post

Why does personal distressing news, or even personal luck, seem to come in threes? This last week, at least for me, seems to have followed in this number 3 pattern. From the last post, I listed 2, not expecting a … Continue reading

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A Follow-up of China Eastern Flight 5735: “A Mother, A Fiance, A Friend.” (Including sad news from the Luzhou church choir)

This article arrived in my inbox today. I thought it makes for a fitting addition to the previous post. And Yet Other Sad news, from the Luzhou Church Choir Aside from references to the crash, my WeChat messages added another … Continue reading

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About China’s Recent Plane Crash: It wasn’t Longzhou or Luzhou, Folks

At 7:30 a.m. this morning, I sleepily wandered into the kitchen where my mom was listening to NPR, eating her breakfast. She’s a very early riser but not so much me and always turns on the radio for the latest … Continue reading

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The Campus Pool at Luzhou Vocational and Technical College: Finally Open . . . . . Without Me

It’s been a tough 24 months away from “my” China, for numerous reasons: No in-person contact with beloved students, colleagues and friends; missing my campus apartment with all the homey comforts (and really neat clothes that always dazzled my students!); … Continue reading

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On this Ash Wednesday: Reflect and Pray

I No Longer Pray for Peace On the edge of war, one foot already in, I no longer pray for peace:I pray for miracles. I pray that stone hearts will turnto tenderheartedness,and evil intentions will turnto mercifulness,and all the soldiers … Continue reading

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