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Connie’s Updated Reports from Luzhou, China

The School Year Ends!             The school year has finally ended! At least for me, anyway. My final courses of the year are over and done with as of last Friday, with the re-take test for those who failed my … Continue reading

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China’s New Holiday: A Much-Needed Fling

             Last I left off, a new 1-week holiday had been thrown at us, causing school leaders to cut the semester 2 weeks shorter than expected. Everyone was left scrambling to fit testing into any time slot available, then working … Continue reading

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China’s Newest Holiday Brings Unwanted Troubles

        The Chinese government made an announcement last week: A new 2-day holiday would be added to the national “days off” list.          Welcome in Summer Holiday! To be combined with Dragon Boat Festival next week, giving everyone a whole … Continue reading

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