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All for the Love of Birds: A Rural King Shopping Venture

Our record subzero temperatures in the Midwest had my mom and me staying indoors as much as possible during the past few days. Even Lao-lao (Old-old), our China Chi rescue, hunkered down in his doggie bed, hoping we’d forget about … Continue reading

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Honoring My Dad: A Worthy Send-off

Today is President’s Day, quite an appropriate time to address last week’s send-off for my father, a politically-minded individual and strong advocate of the American right to vote. As the only Civics teacher in our  high school, who taught a … Continue reading

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Mr. Wieck, My Dad

After my last post, there have been a few days of silence on my end. My father died on Friday morning in the hospital as my mom, brother and I were driving over to meet with the discharge planner about … Continue reading

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Hospital Experiences: USA and China

When the ambulance appears in the front of anyone’s house in my small Mid-western town , the whole world seems to know. Next door neighbors peer out of windows to see who is in such urgent peril.  Cars slow their … Continue reading

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