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Animal rescue groups receive a shocking announcement concerning pet transport from China to the US

As mentioned before, my animal-loving heart has credited me with numerous dog and cat rescues in China over the years. It’s been money and time well-spent to see all the doggies and kitties pulled from suffering through a tragic life … Continue reading

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Bridget to Enter People Magazine’s World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest: Help us!

Within the past few months, my mom has been receiving People Magazine for free. It seems every so often, complimentary subscriptions are sent out in hopes of enticing new readership and new sales. While my mom is not a fan … Continue reading

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China’s 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party in China: A Quick History

CNN has done an excellent job of giving a timeline of the 10 pivotal moments in the country’s Party development and progression. July 1st marked the celebrations surrounding this momentous occasion. I hope this helps with your understanding of China … Continue reading

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Phone calls from Friends: Interesting Updates

I’ve just had a very enlightening conversation on the phone with Australian Geoff, concerning several issues of interest to me. I continue to troll the Internet to learn more details about the lift of the ban for returning teachers, but … Continue reading

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The Luzhou Protestant Church: Changes to the Sanctuary

Most of my connection with the Luzhou church is that of joining: joining in worship, joining in song, joining in prayer . . . Even while being stuck in America, through my WeChat phone App (China’s equivalent of Facebook), I’ve … Continue reading

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My wait to return to China continues, but with hope!!

As some of you may know (or may not know), I have spent 29 years as an English teacher overseas, with a majority of that time spent in China with the Amity Foundation. A brief visit home in Jan. 2020 … Continue reading

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Service to the People: The Luzhou Gospel Hospital

Whenever I do presentations on the Chinese church I belong to in Luzhou, people are astounded. The church’s two community service projects are one of a kind in China: The first is the Gospel Kindergarten (70 children taught by 7 … Continue reading

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Helping My Students in China: An English Language Contest Approaches

The Communist Party of China will commemorate its 100th anniversary in July, as the country largely succeeds in containing the coronavirus and experiences a robust economic recovery. It’s a little disappointing that I won’t be returning in time for this … Continue reading

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Updates of My China Return, and a Special Belated Happy Mother’s Day!

During this long wait to return to China, I’ve been in continuous contact with my students, friends, colleagues and others in Luzhou via WeChat, similar to our US Facebook. One of the highlights of my extended time here has been … Continue reading

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An encounter in China changes forever how I regard others

The following essay was published in The Christian Science Monitor’s (CSM) Home Forum section in November (I believe) of 2008. I’ve sent it to the Nanjing Amity office as a contribution to the Amity Foundation’s English Teacher program, celebrating its … Continue reading

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