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Watching the Winter Olympics Reveals Our Silent Assassin

My mom and I were engrossed, extremely engrossed, watching the Winter Olympics during the past few weeks. We’ve been glued to the TV in our small sitting room, afternoons and evenings, to catch all the latest excitement of the world’s … Continue reading

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The Recent Snowstorm Adds Excited Posts for my Students in China

There is nothing like watching the Winter Olympics on TV when it’s likewise really wintry outside your own windows. Yesterday’s recent storm through America’s Midwest and swooping onward across the country didn’t disappoint in adding that extra “Wow!” factor to … Continue reading

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Sharing the Happiness: A Chinese New Year Visit to my Local Chinese Restaurant

If you’ve been following my Year of the Tiger posts, you’ll remember that Gao Pei (Frank) sent me an incredible box filled with favorite Chinese snack items as a New Year’s gift. It was great fun to see such a … Continue reading

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我和母亲祝愿我的中国学生和朋友们:虎年快乐!My mom and I wish my Chinese Students: “Happy Year of the Tiger!”

My mom sighed. “I suppose you’ll want to do a video,” she intoned while watching me haul out my camera tripod from the closet. I nodded absently, engrossed in the task at hand as I bustled about our very small … Continue reading

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