Stateside Visit Underway!

028 027Views have certainly changed, from along the Yangtze River (above)

to my mom’s lovely flower garden in Marshall, IL.

garden 003Mom's garden 004

I returned to my American small town last Tuesday to spend a month of my summer vacation time back in the U.S. Several events are planned during this time.

My father’s Veteran’s Association marker is now in and we are planning a small ceremony at our local cemetery to honor his service to his country and his life among us.

After many years at home taking care of my dad, my mother is now free to leave the house for extended periods of time.  We have planned a road trip to Galesburg (7 hours drive for us) to visit Marilyn Greenfield, a retired teacher friend, and then train it to Chicago from there to enjoy the Windy City.  Back to Galesburg to pick up the car and then it’s a stop in  Lewistown to meet with my dearest friend, Virginia McCausland (in her 90’s), before finally landing back in Marshall.

Lao-Lao Soon to be Kenneled

Lao-lao is ready to go, instructions and all. (Overprotective mother?  Nah . . . Never!  LOL)

Lao-lao is ready to go, instructions and all. (Overprotective mother? Nah . . . Never! LOL)

At this moment, all arrangements have been made to take care of the house, including daily watering of the flowers my mother takes such pride in.  Also booked is a space at our local veterinarian’s to look after  Lao-lao, our Chinese immigrant.  His debilitating jaw injury sustained on the streets of Chengdu years ago, not to mention his lack of teeth, makes him a special needs Chihuahua.  I typed up a list of instructions how to prepare his food, clean his mouth afterwards (food gets caught and rots unless removed) and walking habits.  I’ve even given tutorials to 2 of the assistants who’ll be caring for him, much to their chagrin.

Lao-lao in the sunshine today, unaware that tomorrow, it's off to Diet Camp (What we call the vet's, since a majority of critters housed there don't eat while away from the comforts of home.)

Lao-lao in the sunshine today, unaware that tomorrow, it’s off to Diet Camp (What we call the vet’s, since a majority of critters stuck there don’t eat while away from the comforts of home.)

Hey!  It’s his first-ever kenneling!  The little guy needs as much help as he can get among strangers.

After our return next Saturday, we’ll be expecting a visit from my uncle (mother’s younger brother) and his wife, traveling from North Carolina.

Last item on the “to-do” list is my newsletter, which will be mailed out the second week in August after its completion.

Thrown in will be daily early morning swims at our local pool, shopping trips to Terre Haute, IN, spending time at our local Chinese restaurant (the owners speak only Chinese, no English), mowing the lawn for my mom and stocking up on goodies to take back with me to China.

In other words, it’ll be a busy 4 weeks but one which I’m certainly looking forward to.

After a week, I’ll update you with tales of my travels with my mom, including pictures of our journey.

Until then, here’s wishing you Ping An (Peace) for your day!

About connieinchina

I have been in the Asia region for 30 years as an English language teacher. 28 of those have been spent with the Amity Foundation, a Chinese NGO that works in all areas of development for the Chinese people. Amity teachers are placed at small colleges throughout China as instructors of English language majors in the education field. In other words, my students will one day be English teachers themselves in their small villages or towns once they graduate. Currently, this is my 13th year in Luzhou Vocational and Technical College. The college is located in Luzhou city (loo-joe), Sichuan Province, a metropolis of 5 million people located next to the Yangtze River .
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3 Responses to Stateside Visit Underway!

  1. Lois Tate says:

    It is so nice that you have planned such a wonderful vacation with your mother. Take care of your self and may the Lord bless you with renewal for you return to work . Blessings, Lois & stephanie Tate

  2. Teresa says:

    Enjoy your time off and “road trip” with your Mom ! I’m sure Lao-lao will be spoiled as usual.

  3. Kate Lindsay says:

    We were on the road when your note arrive in my mailbox……poor connection from our hotel so waited until we returned to Denton. Know your mom is glad to have you for a long visit. Will look forward to your report/photos of trip to the Chicago….we were there 2 years ago and had such a good time. I know what you mean about leaving instructions on the care of ones 4-legged love….
    Enjoy your time with family/friends. Have been enjoying the FB post from Teena from Mangolia….what an interesting experience they are having.

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