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Pregnancy in China: The Wait of 40 Days and 40 Nights

               Li Xuan Qi ( whose English name is Mary) was looking longingly at the huge fruit basket I  brought over to her home.  This sinful temptation sat on the table, its contents comprised of crisp Asian pears, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Walking Route, Jinxiu Xiang (Spendid Lane)

               After several days of wickedly hot weather, with everyone sizzling under a blazing sun, a bit of rain last night has relieved us of the heat from Chengdu’s previous afternoons.  Finally, Little Flower and I are able to … Continue reading

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Singing in a Chinese Choir

                          For many years, my mother was choir director of our smalltown United Methodist Church.  I, being her daughter, was one of her most faithful choir members.  From childhood to adulthood, I joined the many voices under the direction … Continue reading

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My Family’s Chinese Immigrant, Old Bean

  My parents have been hosting a Chinese immigrant that was sent from China 15 years ago by a good friend of mine.             Lao Dou (Old Bean) came to my American family as an unexpected guest.              I was leaving … Continue reading

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Our Quaint Little Red Light District

              The quiet, narrow side street that hugs my apartment complex is like many hundreds in the city.  Despite its semi-secluded location, it touts three roadside medical and physical therapy (massage) clinics, an Internet bar, a vegetable market,  flower … Continue reading

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Opening Day in the Neighborhood

              Chinese love openings of anything.  Crowds will gather  to await the grand opening of any department store, grocery, restaurant or even small snack shop along the street.  Everyone is afraid of missing out on the excitement of the … Continue reading

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News From Jason

               “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / gang aft a-gley /               An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, / For promis’d joy!”                                                                                                   Robert Burns (from To a Mouse)                          The telephone … Continue reading

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